Saturday, February 27, 2021

I Heart Robots

Inspired by a scene that I recently saw in the movie Real Steel, I made this new piece in Procreate on the iPad. I loved seeing the connection between a boy and his robot. Not wanting to copy the scene directly, I tried to capture the moment in my own style, with my own characters. Clearly, I need to work on my lighting technique to help lock in the emotion, but I still had fun making this.

I often find myself writing or saying, "I've been drawing too many robots." or "I'm taking a break from robots." because, frankly, I draw too many robots. The fact is, I love drawing robots. The biggest reason is that I'm horrible at rendering reality, but I love trying to create a narrative with expression and emotion. Robots can be posed or given subtle expressions to imply these things, without having to really struggle with nailing a realistic capture.

Fortunately, for me, other folks feel the same way about drawing robots. I'm about to 'dip my ink' into another challenge that really speaks to me: March of Robots. This is a new art challenge from DaCosta Bayley a.k.a. @chocolatesoop  - which is certainly up my alley. I need to draw 31 robots in the 31 days of March. I'm certainly up to the challenge, but I've set my goals low. I probably won't stick to the prompt list, this time, and I may not get to all 31. I'm just happy to have an excuse to draw more robots.