Sunday, January 4, 2015

I've Moved
The last time I updated my personal site, was years ago. The work was dated and the HTML was sloppy. I'd been hosting it on a paid hosting server, for just as long. They provided good service, for what I was paying, but I rarely got any traffic to that site. It was a waste of money.

I decided to cut the cord to that hosting service and just host my site on the free service, I'm familiar with WordPress, because most of my sites are now hosted on that platform. The design templates on their free hosting site are pretty limited and not as flexible as Blogger. However, the admin tools are so much better to use - especially with Domain Mapping.

I still need to update the content to my personal site. Most of it was just copied over from the old site. I am hoping that with a blog format, I'll be able to add and update the content more frequently than my old HTML based site. I'm really excited about posting current work as it happens.