Tuesday, April 19, 2022

March of Robots 2022 Finished

I decided to participate in my second March of Robots, an online drawing challenge conceived by DaCosta Bayley founder of Chocolate Soop StudioEvery March, artists all over the world take on this challenge by doing one robot drawing a day the entire month - 31 total. My goal of the challenge was to improve my drawing skills, but frankly, I just love drawing robots.

Here is the prompt list for 2022 MoR:

Here are my all analog art submissions:

DAY 01:

The prompt for Day 1 was SIGNAL

This traffic signal bot is designed to keep cars flowing to their destination, with very little delay. Unfortunately, it spends most of its time avoiding distracted commuters.

I played around with some color wash on this one. .

DAY 02:

The prompt for Day 2 was DARKNESS. 

This bot has spent most of the day trying to find his way through the darkness of his room. Fortunately, somebody opened a way out.

DAY 03:

The prompt for Day 3 was CONTROL

This bot is a visual interpretation of how our lives are controlled by the artificial intelligence that changes the algorithm of the content we view on our social feeds. Perhaps this is starting to control how we think. 

DAY 04:

The prompt for Day 4 was SYMBOL

Who says that alien visitors haven’t sent robots ahead to assess any danger, but also offer us a peaceful first contact? Of course, they would probably be in their own image. They might even offer us the intergalactic symbol of peace, and probably, a hand gesture too. However, sometimes that gesture might be misinterpreted.  

DAY 05:

The prompt for Day 5 was POWER

This bot’s plans for world domination were put on hold, when the strap of its magnum pulsar rifle got hung up on the latch to its power supply cover. Bad luck.  

DAY 06:

The prompt for Day 6 was DANGER

This bot’s loves living on the edge. It never got its safety programming with the knowledge that running with scissors is dangerous.

DAY 07:

The prompt for Day 7 was PROJECT 

This Analog Instagram Bot’s primary function is to project your favorite vacation pics onto the wall with its slide projector feature. Don’t forget to double click to like your favorite slides. 

DAY 08:

The prompt for Day 8 was FIRE 

This FireBot’s wasn’t properly programmed on how to handle the fire hose at full pressure. Fortunately, it was able to contain the fire before it spread to the rare sprocket room. 

DAY 09:

The prompt for Day 9 was LOCK 

Today’s Public Service Announcement: You shouldn’t leave your robot unattended overnight. You may think that you’re bot is securely locked to a rack, but opportunistic thieves will always find ways to take parts to sell on the black market. 

DAY 10:

The prompt for Day 10 was MACHINE

This is a redraw of a ‘bot that I did for my first Inktober: 2019, Day 10. I do a series called #misfitrobots which pays tribute to old, analog tech or trades that have been replaced by newer, more convenient, digital tech OR phone apps. 

This sewing machine ’bot was a tribute to tailors and seamstresses, like my mother, who work hard at a trade that will never go away. 

DAY 11:

The prompt for Day 11 was ORB

This ‘bot has a a reputation for mastering 3-holed orbs, and using them to precisely knock down 10 pins at the end of a long wooden lane. It never misses, so they call it “Kingpin Bob”.

DAY 12:

The prompt for Day 12 was PORTAL 

This ‘bot has discovered that a super fast computer and a great search engine is the best portal to a wealth of unlimited knowledge. From here, the whole world is at its fingertips. 

DAY 13:

The prompt for Day 13 was TOWER 

This piece is a tribute to one of my all time favorite movies, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind - a classic 1977 Sci Fi movie directed by Steven Spielberg. I’ve tried to recreate the famous scene where Roy Neary builds—in the middle of his living room—a scale replica of a vision implanted in his head by aliens. He soon discovers, on his TV, that it is actually a replica of Devil’s Tower.  

#devilstower #CloseEncountersOfTheThirdKind #scifi #spielberg

DAY 14:

The prompt for Day 14 was GARDEN

One of my favorite weekend activities is doing garden work with my wife, around the yard. We make a great team, where I dig the holes and she does the planting. 

DAY 15:

The prompt for Day 15 was WEEDS

This ‘bots primary function is to use its turbo weed eater to rid the yard of all the weeds. Sometimes, it feels like a never ending job. 

DAY 16:

The prompt for Day 16 was ESCAPE 

This ‘bot’s escape from the droid chain gang was easier than expected. 100 years of hard labor will have to wait because it’s on its way to return that overdue video rental. 

DAY 17:

The prompt for Day 17 was LOOP 

Last year—for the same prompt during #inktober2021 —I did a bot eating a big ol’bowl of ‘Reboot Loop’ cereal. This time, I’m showing the mascot, Loop-E, from the kid bot’s cereal: Robot Loops. Loop-E spends its time spreading happiness, by sprinkling sugar coated loops for all to enjoy. 

DAY 18:

The prompt for Day 18 was GLOW 

My wife gave me the idea to model this ’bot after the angler fish. Waiting, quietly in the dark, this angler bot uses the glow of its antenna light to attract its prey. 

DAY 19:

The prompt for Day 19 was BUTTERFLY

Never underestimate the power of friendship. This ‘bot gets around, carried by his butterfly buddy. 

DAY 20:

The prompt for Day 20 was ZERO 

This snowball maker ‘bot functions optimally in temperatures below zero degrees. Being the beta model, it was given the designation of 0. 

DAY 21:

The prompt for Day 21 was DEEP

This deep sea ‘bot is keeping the the ship’s crew safe from giant, dangerous, man-eating serpents, while they search the wreckage of another ship. 

DAY 22:

The prompt for Day 22 was OLD 

For this prompt, I thought that I would pay tribute to a classic OLD school cartoon, #Popeye the sailor man. I remember watching every episode where he would always swallow a can of spinach, then save the day. 

I like to think that Popeye has had a positive influence on me and that I strive to stick with things to the end - like March of Robots. “I'm strong to the finish 'cause I eats me spinach.”

Here is my robot #fanart version of Popeye. 

DAY 23:

The prompt for Day 23 was ORBIT 

The robot space program requires each candidate to train rigorously for days. The rocket simulator needs to orbit the moon replica, at least a dozen times, before the trainee can become a qualified robonaut. 

DAY 24:

The prompt for Day 24 was BOMB 

This ‘bot hopes that it doesn’t drop an F Bomb in this post. This challenge has almost driven me to dropping a few myself. ;)

DAY 25:

The prompt for Day 25 was THING 

It’s now proven that the rumored Thing 3, of the #drseuss franchise, was just a hoax, played by this misguided ‘bot, trying to share its love for cats in hats. 

DAY 26:

The prompt for Day 26 was WALL 

Some ‘bots that just want to build walls, will often find themselves locked away from all the amazing things the world has to offer. 

"We build too many walls and not enough bridges." 

DAY 27:

The prompt for Day 27 was CENTRE 

This ‘bot defies the laws of physics every time it steps onto a tight rope, because it’s centre of gravity is way too high. 

This one is a bit of a stretch, but I’m running out of steam with this challenge. 

DAY 28:

The prompt for Day 28 was FUTURE

They predicted that, in the future, we’d have electric, flying cars, driven by robots. Too bad they couldn’t figure out what to do with the extension cords. This sketch is inspired by the #jetsons 

DAY 29:

The prompt for Day 29 was LIFT

I drew this Strong ‘bot last year (scroll down if you want to see if) and decided to bring it back with an upgrade. Now, it has two lift spring arms to double its lifting capacity. 

DAY 30:

The prompt for Day 30 was SEED

Gardener ‘bots are programmed to restore the planet by planting seeds, using any tools available. This ‘bot’s main function is to plant more oak trees. 

DDAY 31:

This was my last submission for March of Robots 2022. The prompt for Day 31 was DOOR 

As this challenge ends, this ‘bot is now tucking away its sketchbook into a secret compartment, hidden under the door on its chest cavity. 





It’s always #inktober 

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