I've started doing commissions, to see how far I can take this before I get too busy. Being on this site, you can see my drawing style, composition preferences and subject matter. If you are interested in an original piece of art, based on my style, you've come to the right place.

Here are my rates:

$140 each - 9”x12” original analog art work 
ANYTHING ELSE (contact me to see if doable):
$200 each - 9”x12” original analog art work 

Deposit - 50% of agreed rates, before work starts.
Balance due upon completion of work, before delivery.

Information about the art: 
  • I work analog - this means pen and ink on paper. Only minor adjustments can be made to final art.
  • Analog art isn’t perfect - Part of the charm and expectation of handmade work is having subtle flaws in the lines that are unique to that specific piece. 
  • Portraits - I do not make photo-perfect representations of people, but rather stylized caricatures that represent the subjects. If you want photo-perfect, take a photo or select another artist.

Information on commissions: 
  • What you are paying for: Your commission fee is based on services rendered and not product. 
  • Art is subjective, but art style is not. Your commission is based on the knowledge that you are aware of my artistic style and expectations are set to that.
  • Timing: Although I will work to get your piece finished in a timely manner, I cannot commit to a rigid timeline.
  • Delivery: is typically in person, but if you would prefer shipment, additional fees my apply. 

Information about ownership and copyright of commissioned art: 
  • Original Commission Art - You will be the owner of the art, but I remain the copyright owner. 
  • What that means - My policy is that no other reproductions of your commission will be sold, without your permission. However, I retain the right share this work for self-promotion.
  • Reproduction - You are welcome to share your commissioned art for free (on social media or similar platforms) - provided that you give proper attribution to me as the creator. You are NOT allowed to reproduce copies for retail sales or profit, without new terms. 
  • All my work is licensed under a Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommerical-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon my work non-commercially, as long as they credit me and license their new creations under the identical terms. Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA.
Creative Commons License

wezensky (at) - for more information or to get your commission started

Examples of previous commissions:

Just so that there is no confusion in the process, I’ve created a quick run down of what to expect and steps working with me:

  1. Discussion of commission subject 
  2. Agreement to work 
  3. Agreement to terms of this commission (see above)
  4. Deposit - 50% of agreed terms (Cash, PayPal, or Vemeo - payment options on request)
  5. Rough concept sketches made. I will generate a couple of rough compositions for the client to select and approve.
  6. Rough concept art to the client. 
    • If approved - I move forward with making final art - at this point, deposit not refundable 
    • If NOT approved - I will make one set of revisions based on the client's feedback
  7. If second round of rough concepts required, it will be submitted to the client for approval
    • If approved - I move forward with making final art - at this point, deposit not refundable 
    • If NOT approved - we can discuss next steps
  8. Final art made
  9. Final art submitted to the client for approval.
    • If approved - I move forward with delivering final art - at this point, payment balance due
    • If NOT approved - I will make limited revisions based on your feedback. Repeat step 9.