Thursday, August 27, 2009

Published One More Time

Still old news, but wanted to share.
Looks like I got published again, but this time for my photos. Not much of a credit since they just put me down as Rich W.
If you happen to stumble across issue 19 of MC2 Magazine, please be sure to flip back to page 75.
Here are the rest of my pics from that day.

I Was Published Again

Again, old news. This time it was for biking. I filled out an Urban Velo questionnaire about what I love about riding and it looks like it got published in issue 12. That’s me in the top center. I wish I had a more exciting shot or at least something fun to submit, but for now, I’ll just have to settle for this goofy pic.
Click below to find the article in issue 12 of Urban Velo:

I've been published

This is old news, but I thought I would post it over here on my site.I got published.
LET ME CLARIFY: I am not a writer, but apparently folks want me to talk about things. This time it was about collecting Motoring Badges in an online magazine called Motoring Alliance. Unfortunately, the magazine stopped being published.

Of course there’s not a specific page to link to my issues, so you’ll just have to download Issue 4 if you’re THAT curious. Seriously, don’t laugh when you read it. Even though it was proof read, I think they were just being polite.