Thursday, May 20, 2021

Spring 2021 Work

After rolling out of March of Robots, I've been keeping busy with a few commissions (to be shared later), a robot 'zine and a few Birthday Bots. 

Let's start with the robot 'zine. I decided to pull together the work that I had done for March of Robots 2021, and display them in a booklet. I wasn't sure what the end goal would be, either do a few and give them away or print a bunch and sell them. Turns out, the upfront cost of producing them, along with the high risk of not selling any, pushed me to rethink getting a bunch printed. I'll probably sell a digital pdf of the book for a few bucks. 

I've also done a few Birthday Bots. When we sign office birthday cards, I’ve tried to add a little sketch about the person being celebrated. Since COVID-19 and working from home, I haven’t been able to do that. So I decided to bring it back—virtually. Here are the latest ones:





Finally, my wife and I had celebrated our 25th Anniversary. Even though we're both vaccinated, we still worried about getting out somewhere fancy to celebrate. Instead, we got takeout and watched an awesome movie. My wife got me a really fancy watch and all I gave her was this silly sketch of us on our wedding day. 

I’ve always been fond of this picture from our wedding. Not because it’s a great shot, but rather, it truly represents how I felt that day—hopeful, in love and ready to face the world and the future, with her. I’m grateful for every day since.