Thursday, May 27, 2021

I Am Doing A Few Commissions

I get requests to make art all the time. Most of those requests are from folks who want free stuff. It's partly my fault, having a little impostor syndrome, mixed with lack of experience and a bit of always wanting to help a friend out. 

For a while, I was also getting requests for art that had nothing to do with my style or subject matter. I make line art with ink washes of robots and caricatures of people. When I get requests to do paintings of landscapes or true-to-life portraits, it's clear that person has no clue as to what I do. Just because a person makes art, doesn't mean we make all art. 

I've also been burned on a few art requests. Somebody promised to pay me for art, only to ghost me after the work is done.

I've decided to try doing commissions again, but this time better prepared. I've got a whole new process of steps and information that I share with potential clients to set expectations. If they agree to those terms, we can start making art. 

My rate is probably below industry standards, but high enough to make sure folks, who want commissions, are serious enough to not waste my time. I'm also requesting half up front.

You can find all the information, as well as, my current rates on my Commissions page. Ultimate, as my skills and confidence gets better, my rates will go up.