Monday, December 30, 2019

Time For A New dickdavid Logo

I've started drawing under my online personification, dickdavid. I'm not sure why, but I as I was sharing more on Instagram, I wanted to put a little buffer between me and the work that I was posting. Call it a bit of impostor (imposter) syndrome, or call it an alias, but it's the identity that I've taken as I continue to develop my illustration style.

I decided to build a brand around this identity. To begin, I started with my signature that I put on all of my current pieces.

Then I created a clean version of the mark:

From there, I noticed something interesting with some of the shape relationships. The "K" and the "D" seemed to form the shape of a pencil. I decided to work with that:

From there, I was able to extract a pretty cool icon.