Thursday, September 9, 2021

Random Sketches From This Summer

With Inktober 2021 around the corner, I thought I would share some of the random sketches that I've done to finish out the summer. First some bots:

This bot will work for lube and batteries:

Here is a plumber bot:

Finishing out a sketch pad with another quick bot—keeping it simple without any ink wash shading.

Who’s addicted to SUGAR? I certainly am.
I feel like I’m a pretty healthy person. I don’t eat meat or anything that’s deep fried. Still, it’s almost impossible for me to resist anything with processed sugars.
Like with any addiction, I’ve cut out my vice - hopefully for good. No more cakes, ice cream or candy.
I’m now a month into my sugar fast, and I’ve only just reintroduced fruits (I’m not completely insane).
But the cravings are still there. 
Breaking in my new sketchpad, I decided to take a pause on robots and do a drawing that illustrates my ugly addiction.
This is my Sugar Demon. 

Man With Beer - Inspired by a picture that I took weeks ago. You might know this person even though he absolutely doesn’t look like this.

Friday, July 16, 2021

A Few Belated Birthday Bots From Last Year

Here are a few more birthday bots. When we sign office birthday cards, I’ve tried to add a little sketch about the person being celebrated. Lately, I’ve been doing them virtually.

I'm playing catchup on a few VERY belated birthdays. I typically get these done for their happy day, but I was busy with work and a little burned out from #Inktober2020 — so I had to put them on the makeup list.

Let's start with Dean - Creative Director at LAUNCH Agency. Dean’s birthday was actually last October. 

I’ve worked with Dean for a many years and respect him as a valuable member of our agency. He’s a brilliant Art Director / Graphic Designer and I often aspire to create as well as he can. Dean is also from England and a true Brit. So, I decided to draw him as a Brit Bot, with a Union Jack on his head, Dr. Martens on his feet, riding an iconic Mini Cooper. Happy BELATED Birthday, Dean! 

Now let's move on to Amy - Senior Designer at LAUNCH Agency. Amy’s birthday was actually last November. 

I’ve worked with Amy for a couple of years and respect her as a valuable member of our agency. She is one of the most talented Graphic Designers that I’ve ever worked with, and we are fortunate to have her on the team. You can see some of her work on her deign Instagram or her website: 

As a graphic designer, sweating all the details in her work. I decided to draw her as a Kern Bot, adjusting the spacing between type. Happy Belated Birthday, Amy!

Now let's move on to Ray - Controller at LAUNCH Agency. Ray’s birthday was actually last December. 

I’ve worked with Ray for a few of years and respect him as a valuable member of our agency. He is the one who keeps the finances and numbers right in a world full of left brained creatives, and we are fortunate to have him on the team. Ray is also notorious for honest and funny movie reviews, an expert on craft beer as well as a damn good golfer. I decided to draw him as a Golfer Bot, always hitting way under par. Happy BELATED Birthday, Ray!

Monday, July 12, 2021

New Commission Work - Realtor Rob

Sometimes, I get unusual requests. A former client of mine, from my work in advertising, has moved into real estate. He's also an avid cyclist. He wanted to know if I would draw a cyclist with a real estate sign connected to his bike. He wanted the image to put on his bike jersey, to promote his business.

I usually turn down such specific requests, but this one seemed really interesting and challenging for me. So I agreed to take it on.

With this, I went form the sketch and took it into Photoshop to add the type and his logo. 

Friday, June 18, 2021

Fun Graphics Using the dickdavid Pencil Icon

I haven't been sketching much lately. Between work, a couple of commissions and some 'favors' for friends and family, my sketchbook is getting dusty.

I have found time to play around with some dickdavid graphics. These pencil/finger icons came to me in my sleep. I immediately sketched them up the next morning, then later, applied them to the dickdavid pencil icon. 

I also saw a cool 'ink bottle' graphic on the internet and thought to myself, I could do that. I took a pic of my own ink bottle, and with the magic of Photoshop, came up with a cool graphic.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

I Am Doing A Few Commissions

I get requests to make art all the time. Most of those requests are from folks who want free stuff. It's partly my fault, having a little impostor syndrome, mixed with lack of experience and a bit of always wanting to help a friend out. 

For a while, I was also getting requests for art that had nothing to do with my style or subject matter. I make line art with ink washes of robots and caricatures of people. When I get requests to do paintings of landscapes or true-to-life portraits, it's clear that person has no clue as to what I do. Just because a person makes art, doesn't mean we make all art. 

I've also been burned on a few art requests. Somebody promised to pay me for art, only to ghost me after the work is done.

I've decided to try doing commissions again, but this time better prepared. I've got a whole new process of steps and information that I share with potential clients to set expectations. If they agree to those terms, we can start making art. 

My rate is probably below industry standards, but high enough to make sure folks, who want commissions, are serious enough to not waste my time. I'm also requesting half up front.

You can find all the information, as well as, my current rates on my Commissions page. Ultimate, as my skills and confidence gets better, my rates will go up.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The dickdavid Swag Store is NOW OPEN

I've got a few things around the house that I'm making available for purchase, for anybody who wants to get on the ground floor of the dickdavid brand—before it takes off and becomes a multi-million dollar, iconic name, like Paul Smith, Disney, Hello Kitty or Pokemon.

If I can get enough traction on the shop, perhaps I will start selling prints or originals. I might even dabble in the world of NFTs. 

I'm not looking to make a fortune, or even a living on retail. It's more of a purge of my swag closet. 

Click here if you want to see what's available.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Spring 2021 Work

After rolling out of March of Robots, I've been keeping busy with a few commissions (to be shared later), a robot 'zine and a few Birthday Bots. 

Let's start with the robot 'zine. I decided to pull together the work that I had done for March of Robots 2021, and display them in a booklet. I wasn't sure what the end goal would be, either do a few and give them away or print a bunch and sell them. Turns out, the upfront cost of producing them, along with the high risk of not selling any, pushed me to rethink getting a bunch printed. I'll probably sell a digital pdf of the book for a few bucks. 

I've also done a few Birthday Bots. When we sign office birthday cards, I’ve tried to add a little sketch about the person being celebrated. Since COVID-19 and working from home, I haven’t been able to do that. So I decided to bring it back—virtually. Here are the latest ones:





Finally, my wife and I had celebrated our 25th Anniversary. Even though we're both vaccinated, we still worried about getting out somewhere fancy to celebrate. Instead, we got takeout and watched an awesome movie. My wife got me a really fancy watch and all I gave her was this silly sketch of us on our wedding day. 

I’ve always been fond of this picture from our wedding. Not because it’s a great shot, but rather, it truly represents how I felt that day—hopeful, in love and ready to face the world and the future, with her. I’m grateful for every day since.