Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bicycle Repair Station

I really hate how the weeds have taken over the parkway in front of my house. Every season, it's a constant battle to keep them under control. For years, I've been wanting to just convert my parkway into something more bike friendly. I'd want to pave over most of it and install some really cool bike racks and, perhaps, one of these:

UTD - Bike Repair Station

UTD - Bike Repair Station - Holding Rita

This is the Dero Fixit Station. Or perhaps one of these Bike Fixation racks (both companies are out of Minneapolis, Minnesota).

I guess, all I need now is a few thousand dollars and permission from my wife.


Chris ZĂșniga said...

Cool idea. What exactly does this "parkway" look like in the front of your house?
Chris Z

Chris ZĂșniga said...

I'm not clear on what the parkway in front of your house looks like. Any pictures?