Sunday, April 8, 2012

NEW! Hot Wheels BMW 2002

Number 9

I've been collecting Hot Wheels, Matchbox and Johnny Lightning cars for years, and I've never come across my all-time favorite car in the world, the BMW 2002. As much as I love MINI Coopers (especially my own), a full sized, fully restored 2002 would be my ultimate dream ride.

I do own a few Diecast BMW 2002s, but in 1/18th scale. Those are rare and hard to find at a decent price. Plus, that scale is a bit big to collect very many. That's why the Hot Wheels model is perfect - it's small and bargain priced for any collector. That being said, I hope Hot Wheels follows it's typical production run of a new mold, where they produce a few different designs and colors. I'll have to keep an eye out for more iterations.

  Hot Wheels BMW 2002


James Lewis said...

Hey, just found your sure after I just stumbled on the new 2002 Hotwheels. My three year old old is obsessed with "dinky's" and I used to to own a 73 2002tii. Finally a hot wheels. Check out Pixar's CARS2 sometime. I think John Lasseter was also 02 obsessed.

James Lewis said...

Hey Dick David. Just found your blog after stumbling on the new Hot Wheels 02. Cool toy. Finally HotWheels does it. I used to own a 73 2002tii, have a three year old obsessed with his "dinky's" and hope to own a mini soon. I have a 86 BMW now but my dream car is a 73 CSL. Cool blog.

dickdavid said...

Cool! Thanks for posting. The CSL's are awesome.

James Lewis said...

Found a 92 M3 Hotwheels today at WalMart. Didn't even know they existed. Also very cool.