Friday, September 18, 2009

Coming Next Month - Poker Run

We're doing it for the 5th year. This time, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of MINI, we decided to do a british themed run.
Since It's poker, us yanks thought it would be clever to do a "God Save The Queen - Jack, King and Ace" Poker Run.
Click Here for more details.


Steve A said...

Is it just Minis or are other British vehicles (like a Land Rover) welcome? The link seems to be broken.

dickdavid said...

Sorry about the link. I forget that I'm logged in to the forum when I copy links over.

For some reason a public, linkable thread hasn't been started for the event. There is some limited information on the home page:

As far as your question goes, as with all are events, you don't have to be a MINI owner to participate. Just a MINI fan. ;) There have been other vehicles that have joined previous events and we were happy to have them. Unfortunately, most of the prizes given out are MINI related because they are donated by the local dealerships.

There is a cost, per person to participate with all of the money going to the "Texas Food Bank." The rest of the details are being worked out. Usually, we can get a sponsor to provide food and refreshments. Hopefully, that can happen this year.