Thursday, August 27, 2009

Suburban Assault - My Bike Blog

There are about a trillion bike blogs out there - so why do I do one?
Well, it's one of my favorite topics and I've got some thoughts on riding that I want to share. Hopefully, it might inspire somebody enough to pick up riding again - like I have.
Go HERE if you want to visit.

Here is what it's all about:
Suburban Assault started as a niche bicycle movement that wasn’t about extreme road cycling or mountain biking. It was about riding around our neighborhoods, towns or cities to discover more about where we live.
When I started (and because of where I live) it seemed there were very few people had the same interest in non-categorized biking. I was completely wrong. I’ve since discovered a whole community of online friends that feel the same way about riding – that it should just be a fun way to get around and discover our hometowns.
The idea of Suburban Assault is to bring back the grass roots nature of riding just to ride. No categories. No classifications. Just two wheels, two pedals and a love for discovering while riding.
It’s not about being specific as to how we ride. We’re not about speed, distance or endurance. We’re not about being rugged, extreme or hard core. We’re not about expensive, tricked out bikes or spandex (although there’s nothing wrong with it).
Suburban Assault about riding – whatever, whenever and wherever we can. No matter what the route is, we love to get out and ride.
We aren’t rebels. We obey the traffic laws and yield to pedestrians.
Although the name has a suburban focus, it’s about where you live or explore. If you live in an URBAN or RURAL location, you still belong.

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