Thursday, August 27, 2009

BUY A "300 to 300K" BADGE!

This was mentioned on White Roof Radio, Woofcast 303.
If you are a White Roof Radio fan, you should know that they are now selling "300 to 330K" badges to help DB out with his MINI repairs. His R50 is past the 200K mark and starting to feel the wear and tear.
The cool thing about these guys is they do the show every week but never ask for a dime. I figure the least I can do is order a badge or two to help one of the guys out. Plus, if you order a badge, you get a free "Proud Supporter - White Roof Radio" sticker.

If you listen to the shows, this is your chance to give back - and get a cool badge (and sticker).
Go Here: and look for the 300 badge.

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